Meet NaviGo Scholar Bryan Padilla

To say Bryan Padilla is self-motivated is an understatement. When he was interested in quantum physics, he didn’t wait to take a class. Bryan did his own research on his own time, and then he consulted with teachers about his findings. The Conner High School freshman is passionate about space, aircraft, and technology and hopes to […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Jacob Haigis

Jacob Haigis works well under pressure, is a natural leader, and loves to solve problems. Those qualities were a big draw to the folks at Duke Energy, who sponsored Jacob for a 2014 NaviGo Scholarship. The junior at Newport Independent High School will now work one-on-one with a NaviGo coach to pursue his dream of working […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Foster Loesch

When you talk to Foster Loesch, you get the idea that he is much older than he actually is. Full of new ideas and experiences, the sophomore at Campbell County High School already has big plans for his life. Foster says his dad helped him learn about about real-world ideas, as well as simpler, practical ideas. […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Rasan Arnold

Rasan Arnold will spend his 8th grade year as a NaviGo Scholar. Toyota sponsored the Woodward High School student so he could get an early start on planning his future. Rasan will get to work one-on-one with a NaviGo Coach to focus on his interests, passions, and talents, which center around computer programming and technology. Rasan’s […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Markeya Turner

Markeya Turner says her family and her career goals motivate her to keep pushing for success. The sophomore at Hughes STEM High School has a career goal of engineering or construction. Toyota has sponsored Markeya for a 2014 NaviGo Scholarship where she’ll spend the next school year working one-on-one with a NaviGo coach. That was important to Markeya because she […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Liea Mack

Liea Mack knows hard work, dedication, and positive connections can help her succeed in life. She already has the first two in place. The hard-working student at Withrow High School will now spend her senior year as a NaviGo Scholar. Liea was sponsored by Toyota and will have the opportunity to meet professionals in the Toyota company who […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Ben Stewart

Music comes naturally to Ben Stewart. The Ryle High School freshman says understanding music is his most natural talent and sharing it with others is one of his passions. Ben is a quick learner and loves hands-on projects. He’d like to apply those skills after college in an engineering career. He’s interested in both aeronautical and […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Wade Pearson

Wade Pearson says he’s willing to go the extra mile to succeed, and he hopes his work on cars will be his road to success! The junior at Hughes STEM High School loves to work on all types of cars, saying the hobby keeps him focused and helps to relieve his stress. Toyota picked up […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Kevin Hamblin

Kevin Hamblin has a passion for welding. He loves the creativity it allows him, the technical skills it requires, and the ability it provides to help people by saving them money. This Grant County High School senior is interested in pursuing a career in welding and auto mechanics, and Toyota professionals had their eyes on him […]

Meet NaviGo Scholar Jessica Lambert

Jessica Lambert is a sophomore at Dayton High School with an interest in physics and genetic engineering. She loves science and math and welcomes new challenges. Duke Energy sponsored Jessica for a 2014 NaviGo scholarship. She will now work one-on-one with a NaviGo coach to chase her dreams and reach her goals. Congratulations, Jessica!