Through our unique partnership with Method Test Prep, NaviGo ACT & SAT Prep Services offers students unlimited access to premier online test prep services for a full calendar year for only $99—a savings of $50!

Method Test PrepWe offer a distinctive approach to help students prepare for and improve their ACT and SAT performance. The best part is they can do it on their own time. NaviGo partners with Method Test Prep and make use of their online programs to help you gain a deeper understanding of the content this test assesses.

Here’s how it works…

By signing up for NaviGo ACT Prep Services, our students receive a one-year subscription to Method Test Prep. Specifically, their program is complete with diagnostic assessments, test strategies and tips, and content sessions that:

  • Engage busy students through short, five to fifteen minute lessons on targeted topics,
  • Help students identify their strengths and weaknesses on each section of the test, and
  • Allow students to evaluate their progress and revisit areas where they need improvement.

Your NaviGo subscription to Method Test Prep also includes access to full-length, timed ACT & SAT tests so that you’re able to not only practice taking the full test under timed conditions but also get immediate, extensive feedback on all content areas of the test.

Then, you also have the option to add on in-person coaching from a NaviGo test prep coach (check out details below).

NaviGo ACT Prep Services can come to you at a significant savings.


Savings on a Method Test Prep Subscription for Current Clients

Method Test Prep is perfect for the student who wants to practice and follow a self-paced program of study.

Special price for NaviGo clients: $99 (Regular price is $149 if purchased through Method Test Prep)

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