Karen coaching LieaNNaviGo is all about college and career preparation, and we believe pairing you with a coach is the smartest way to do it.

We know that students struggle to make decisions about their future. Even with the best teachers and guidance counselors in the world, you and your parents still might not receive enough guidance to feel adequately prepared to move on from high school.

For middle and high school students, the individual coaching you receive from NaviGo now can have a lifelong impact.

Students who sign up for our college and career coaching service (our private coaching model) are paired with a coach and meet with them once or twice a month (your choice) during the school year. They will help you identify your interests, passions, and talents. We’ll also empower you to find at least three viable options for college and career.

More specifically with this coaching model, you will

  • Examine career opportunities in line with your interests, talents, and passions,
  • Research, identify, and narrow your choices for college based on your goals,
  • Ensure your high school experience aligns to your college and career objectives,
  • Make sure your academics are on par with your goals and review basic test prep strategies,
  • Research and review scholarship and other financial aid options,
  • Talk with professionals in your career interest area, and
  • Identify internship and other development opportunities.

NGP Login LogoThis NaviGo process seeks to empower students for life by helping you identify and address gaps in your own plan to future success. Our coaches have years of expertise in guiding students to their dreams, but we take it up a notch and make sure you are the one making decisions with the input and advice of your coach.

If this sounds like what you want (or what you’d like for your son or daughter), let’s talk! Whether you’re about to head into high school or are a senior now, our curriculum is built for you at any stage.

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