Do you have a plan for the cost of college?

The price of college varies greatly, but some studies show the public averages creeping toward $20,000 per year.

NaviGo makes sure you don’t waste a penny.


NaviGo fundamentally believes that empowering middle and high school students and their families to make smart plans for college and career now—before you ever step foot on a college campus as a freshman that first day—will pay huge returns. We are committed to helping families make the most of their educational investments. In fact, our coaching program is built on the idea that thinking, planning, researching, and acting now will help lower the chances of changing your major, picking the wrong school, or even dropping out of college—all of which carry hefty financial burdens.

As part of our curriculum, which is standard with all students, our NaviGo coaches help you identify, research, and evaluate scholarship, grant, and other financial aid opportunities that align with your interests, talents, and passions. Making sense of these terms, the FAFSA, and more is integrated in our regular sessions.

We recognize, though, that we could spend every hour of every session for a whole year just on money matters. To help supplement our coaching, we make financial planning experts available to our students and their families. These are financial advisors who get NaviGo, believe in our mission, and are focused on helping you make the best possible financial decisions related to college and career planning.

If you’d like more information about NaviGo’s financial planning services, visit the contact page below. Or be sure to check our upcoming events at the button below to see when the next financial planning seminar is scheduled.

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