NaviGo Scholars

Through the NaviGo Scholars programs, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky businesses have the power to connect with high school students who have an interest in their industry.

Business sponsors have the unique opportunity to hand-pick possible future employees and guide them at an early age. The purpose of NaviGo Scholars is to guide and coach local middle and high school students to success in college and career. What makes this program unique for students, though, is that sponsors personally select students from local high schools that they want to target to be part of the program. NaviGo Scholars gives companies that rare chance to connect with their future leaders.

We have two distinct programs that we offer through NaviGo Scholars.

NaviGo Scholars Connects

One-on-One Coaching

In this option, local companies sponsor any number of NaviGo Scholars through any high school. Each Scholar is paired with his or her own highly-trained NaviGo coach, where they meet face-to-face for an hour each month, following the customized NaviGo curriculum exploring the Scholar’s interests, talents, and passions.

Throughout the school year, the Scholars research and investigate thousands of career possibilities. As the NaviGo coach gets to better know the Scholar, their business sponsor is given a profile to see if there are possible matches for career coaches within the sponsoring company or at a partnering company.

NaviGo Scholars Futures

Small Group Coaching

Using the same curriculum as the NaviGo Scholars Connects program, this option works with students in a group setting. Futures targets high school juniors and seniors who have the skills and aptitudes needed for a specific workforce. The selected Scholars meet with their designated NaviGo coach in small groups of eight to 12 students on a monthly basis.

Futures Scholars are grouped by grade level and are coached on a college campus (or even the sponsor’s site). NaviGo works with Scholar sponsors to provide career coaches to each group and to collaborate on ensuring the sponsor’s desired soft and/or technical skills are infused into the curriculum.

I want to get involved with NaviGo Scholars!

We are so excited to be able to offer local businesses the power to connect with high school students, to guide them down a possible college and career path, and to potentially boost our sponsors’ workforces in a smart, proactive way.



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