I think I’d be interested in becoming a NaviGo coach. What are you looking for?

We are constantly looking to add new coaches to our team. Coaching opportunities include 1-1 coaching in our Individual Coaching model and small group coaching in our NaviGo Scholars program.

Keep reading below to better understand what we expect of coaches, the things coaches are responsible for, and the ideal qualifications of a NaviGo coach. You can also download our coach application to complete and submit.

Please note that NaviGo reserves the right to require that coaches undergo ongoing training as we see fit.

  • Expectations

    Commit to coaching twice per month during the school year if you coach in our NaviGo Scholars program. Coaches who work with individual clients have a more flexible coaching schedule, and may coach in the summer months.

    Commit to another 30 to 60 minutes of additional online contact each month for communication to parents and students.

    Attend all required professional development training events, plus any additional training sessions that may be needed.

  • Responsibilities

    Demonstrate the positive disposition necessary to develop and maintain a trusting, respectful, and meaningful working relationship with a NaviGo client

    Actively participate in ongoing NaviGo professional training events as assigned

    Demonstrate the skills necessary to execute NaviGo’s customized curriculum as written

    Demonstrate flexibility in the development and delivery of NaviGo’s curriculum to best reflect a client’s needs and progress

    Demonstrate computer skills necessary to access technical platforms and online data

    Demonstrate a willingness to seek out information, advice, and insight from NaviGo’s leadership team and other coaches via text, e-mail, telephone, or the web

    Assist NaviGo clients in developing the research and analytical skills necessary to successfully complete the NaviGo program

    Provide regular client progress reports to NaviGo team leaders upon the completion of tasks articulated in NaviGo’s curriculum

    (If working with a NaviGo Scholar) Develop and maintain a good working relationship and use a sound communication strategy with the company assigned as the Scholar’s career-specific mentor (In the NaviGo Scholars program, a mentor acts as a career coach on the side, providing up-to-date insights and information from the mentor’s professional experience; NaviGo coaches in this program are responsible for managing the relationship between the mentor and NaviGo Scholar in order to maximize the effectiveness of the program and to minimize any intrusions on the time of the mentor)

  • Qualifications

    NaviGo coaching positions are open to individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

    ♦  Are actively teaching or counseling (certified in an area of education)

    ♦  Are recently retired from a position in the educational field

    ♦  Have recently completed or are in the process of completing additional training and certification in a related educational field

    To work with NaviGo, a bachelor’s degree is required. We will also consider non-certified applicants with the appropriate disposition and experience. Additional training and certification in school counseling, school psychology, or social work is helpful. Other relevant work experiences will be considered as well.

  • Application

    If you determine you fulfill NaviGo’s coach qualifications, and you are confident you can meet our expectations and requirements, we invite you to apply to be a NaviGo coach!

    Downloading and completing this application is the first step. Once you’re ready to submit it, scan a signed copy and send it to Stephanie Layton at SLayton@childreninc.org.