Ludlow, KY, Schools

NaviGo In-School Coaching Services provides the training and curriculum for school staff  to serve middle and high school students as “NaviGo Coaches” throughout the school year.  In-School Coaching includes relationship building in small groups and allows staff to positively impact students’ post-secondary planning.

Through NaviGo programs for schools, students are coached to develop a strategic plan for life after high school, all while developing a foundation of trust with teachers and counselors who are trained by NaviGo to guide students through our proprietary curriculum. The NaviGo curriculum is purposefully embedded with social and emotional components and seamlessly paired with post-secondary planning, to ensure students approach their future goals with a comprehensive foundation.  NaviGo works in tandem with schools to build upon counselors’ and teachers’ pre-existing relationships with students to help them make better-informed, safe and healthy choices with the understanding of the impact on their futures. Intentionally building deeper relationships with these students about their strengths, interests and passions develops a level of trust that helps the students overcome barriers, understand their resources, and build resiliency.

NaviGo In-School Coaching consists of:

  • Initial training of school staff to serve as NaviGo Coaches throughout the year;
  • Ongoing monthly training and support;
  • Use of NaviGo proprietary curriculum;
  • Support of staff/students/families with newsletters, parent seminar support, etc.
  • Assistance with outreach to businesses, community agencies, and higher education;
  • Student surveys and data collection/dissemination with staff to monitor progress of the coaching sessions.

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