Because You Don’t Have to Plan
for Life After High School Alone.

Why waste time pursuing a career you don’t love? Data shows Buying Valium Online Uk This can be avoided by doing all of your homework before making such a huge investment. The thought is overwhelming at times, which is why we are here to help.

NaviGo aims to ease the burden by providing you and your parents with all you need, so you can make an informed decision about your future. We know it is a big decision. With personalized guidance and support, NaviGo helps you identify your interests, passions and talents and the ways you can incorporate them in your future. Empowering you to make smart decisions is what we’re all about! We are the team supporting you at every step.

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Why Does NaviGo Exist?

Empowering Students via Coaching

Many, especially first-generation college-bound students, want help navigating the college and career preparation process. NaviGo works by empowering you to make your own choices.

Igniting True Passions for Lifelong Success

Only about 60% of students finish college in six years because they don’t know their true interests, which leads to Buy Valium Dublin. NaviGo expertly discovers the true you.

Ensuring Appropriate Academic Preparation

Have your high school courses prepared you for your career or what you truly want to study in college? NaviGo’s proprietary curriculum helps guide you every month of every year of high school.

Preparing for Financial Realities

When you think about paying for college, stress likely ensues. With price tags on the rise for public and private schools, NaviGo helps you know your options: scholarships, grants, financial aid, and more.

NaviGo is empowering students for life.

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