Got questions about NaviGo? We’ve got answers.

NaviGo is empowering students for life. Our way of doing business is different than most, so we know you might have questions. Read answers to some of the most commonly-asked inquiries we receive.

  • Why does NaviGo focus so much on interests, talents, and passions?

    Without defining your interests, high school and college and career planning can be a dead-end street. It’s critical that you learn how to become self-motivated. The process of understanding what motivates and inspires a student is at the core of NaviGo’s mission. We work to create a thread that connects you to successful outcomes.

  • Is coaching different than counseling? If yes, how so?

    NaviGo is not a counseling service. In fact, it is generally recognized that coaching is very different than counseling. The NaviGo coaching model focuses primarily on being proactive by setting goals and being action-oriented. Counseling often infers there is a presenting problem that needs to be addressed. While NaviGo’s coaches work with students who need assistance in a particular subject matter or with a challenging life circumstance, the majority of a coach’s focus is on proactively helping you achieve success in the educational arena and in life.

  • When I think of a coach, I think of a sports team? How is a NaviGo coach different?

    Unfortunately, many associate coaching solely with athletics. NaviGo is redefining the concept of coaching as it relates to students. Achieving educational and professional goals can be extremely challenging. The NaviGo team feels that working with a coach on a variety of issues important to career preparation can help build a strong foundation for success in life, not just on an athletic field or court.

  • Can you help me get better test scores?

    The NaviGo team firmly believes that connecting with students early in their academic careers and providing additional guidance will lead to a more purposeful and more successful experience in the classroom and on standardized tests.

  • How can I save money for my family by using NaviGo's services?

    NaviGo’s curriculum is focused on helping you and your family navigate the increasingly complex maze of scholarships, grants, and other college funding mechanisms. When it comes to saving money before, during, and after the college experience, knowledge truly is power.

  • Don't high schools already have guidance counselors? Why do I need another person involved?

    High schools have extraordinarily dedicated guidance counselors, but students’ needs are greater than ever before. Plus, many counselors have hundreds of students they need to meet with and worry about. NaviGo complements and enhances the work done during the school day by counselors and provides a unique, one-to-one coaching experience focused solely on you.

  • Aren't there a lot of tutoring services? Is NaviGo any different than them?

    While NaviGo provides coaching specialists to help students who are struggling with a particular subject, the NaviGo system is more focused on helping students determine their strengths, a determination that often leads to more success and more meaningful engagement in the classroom and in life beyond the classroom.

  • Can you make my son or daughter listen to me?

    The NaviGo team believes that linking students with positive and proactive coaches who are committed to helping them achieve success will, by extension, help your son or daughter become even more well-rounded and engaging. With support from parents and the NaviGo coach, it’s our sincere hope that students will learn to better value all the relationships in his or her life.

  • I'm not sure that college will be the right choice for my son or daughter. Are you pushing everyone into college?

    We’re fully aware that college is not for everyone. NaviGo’s curriculum is designed to support your student whatever the scenario—be it a college experience or a job right out of high school. The key is having the proper tools to succeed on all fronts. Our toolbox is extensive and can help students choose the path that is best for them.

  • What does the NaviGo logo symbolize?

    NGP Login LogoThe NaviGo logo features a compass rose, a figure on a compass or map that displays the orientation of north, east, south, and west. A compass rose has been an important symbol since maps were first developed and continues to be included on virtually all navigational systems today. By choosing an emblem that’s both steeped in history and still vitally critical today, the compass rose aligns perfectly with NaviGo’s mission of using the past, present, and future to create the best possible outcomes for our students. The NaviGo team is proud to note that a former student of the company’s founder, Tim Hanner, helped create the look of our logo. Lauren Tibbs has long been a student of graphic design, and her ability to visualize the “NaviGo Way” via a compass rose has been especially inspiring to everyone involved in creating NaviGo.