What are People Saying About NaviGo?

Many are witnessing our impact, from university presidents to high school teachers and the students who are empowered by our coaches.

<strong>  David Armstrong</strong>

“Thomas More College is pleased to partner with NaviGo and endorse the work they are doing with our local high school students. We believe in their mission and are grateful for the additional preparation they give to college-bound students. Individual attention and mentoring is extremely beneficial to student success. This initiative will certainly have an impact on college graduation rates and ultimately career placement rates. I expect that NaviGo will gain even more momentum as more businesses and schools are engaged in its mission.”

David Armstrong / President, Thomas More College

“I am delighted by the results of our initial four meetings with NaviGo over the summer. My daughter has really taken to the process, has begun setting goals on her own, and is reminding me of things that need to get done, rather than me doing the reminding. She appreciates the relevance of long-term thinking and feels empowered by the process. I would highly recommend NaviGo. They are knowledgeable, reasonable, and help us get focused on the real goals of education. I wish I had done this with my first child.”

Liza Holland / Parent, Lexington, KY

<strong>Kevin Hamblin</strong>

“The road to success is narrow. But for me, NaviGo has helped broaden my path and has helped me achieve my dreams!”

Kevin Hamblin / NaviGo Scholar, Grant County High School, Williamstown, KY

<strong>Karen Delaney</strong>

“As a NaviGo Coach, I was immediately attracted to the opportunity to be a part of the NaviGo Scholars Program. Having a number of years’ experience as a school counselor, I saw the importance in establishing an ongoing relationship with each scholar through our coaching sessions. The flexibility in the NaviGo curriculum framework allows me to assess individual needs then meet each scholar where they are in terms of talents and interests. One of the most exciting and powerful aspects of the NaviGo Scholars Program is the inclusion of a corporate career coach in the model. Having a committed individual who can provide timely, real-world knowledge from a professional perspective adds an invaluable dimension to the NaviGo Scholar’s journey of discovery and decision-making.”

Karen Delaney / NaviGo Coach

<strong>Kristy Collins</strong>

“NaviGo has provided my students with the tools and structure they need to prepare for their future. They have had the opportunity to explore careers, research colleges, and better understand KEES and other financial aid. One of the most beneficial aspects of NaviGo is that it has provided my students with the chance to connect with professionals in the community who have come to visit our class and regularly correspond through email. I’m excited to see where NaviGo can take our students.”

Kristy Collins / Teacher, Ludlow Schools


NaviGo is empowering students for life.

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