Apply to be a 2018-19 Pre-FAME Scholar!

The TOP 50 STUDENTS from Northern Kentucky High Schools will be accepted into a select team of
Pre-FAME NaviGo Scholars.
“This was a great experience, I learned a lot!”
“I believe everyone deserves to know the information I learned through this.”
2017-18 NaviGo Pre-FAME Select Students


NKY FAME is a partnership of regional manufacturers which offers apprenticeship-style educational programs to create a pipeline of skilled workers after HS graduation.

This year, 50 Northern Kentucky SENIORS will have access to these companies before they apply to the KY FAME apprenticeships. 

During the 12-week Pre-FAME NaviGo Select Team program, running from late October-January, students will:

  • receive hands-on learning and networking opportunities at local manufacturing sites
  • meet 2x/week: once to, visit a different NKY FAME company to learn about each industry and its culture;
  • once to meet with a NaviGo Coach to explore more about each company and learn the professional behaviors expected
  • not only be exposed to the NKY FAME companies prior to the application process, but also go through mock interviews, prepping them for what’s next should they decide to apply for NKY FAME.

NKY FAME offers a chance for students to get post-secondary apprenticeships, while taking related coursework at Gateway, paid for by FAME. The apprentices receive life-long career opportunities, all while potentially having no college debt. This NaviGo Select program will expose students to the benefits of the NKY FAME apprenticeship program before they apply, so that students can determine if it’s the best fit for them.

Click here to Apply for the NaviGo Pre-FAME Program:

  NaviGo Pre-FAME Application

Please contact Stephanie Layton if you have any questions about applications, or about NaviGo Scholars programs available at your school.