How Can NaviGo Support Your Students?

NaviGo empowers and prepares students for post-secondary success and workforce readiness. Through partnerships with businesses, schools, and families, NaviGo aligns students’ strengths with viable career opportunities. We have a range of services and initiatives for your student’s needs. How can we help you today?

Why NaviGo Coaching?

We believe pairing students with a coach gives students the support needed to make challenging life decisions. All NaviGo Coaches are trained on our proprietary curriculum based on benchmarks in both college and career readiness. Coaches use a variety of tools to help middle and high school students determine their strengths:

The VIA Survey identifies character strengths, and we help students relate those strengths to work style, interests, and potential career pathways.
YouScience goes beyond interests to identify students’ aptitudes and talents, exploring careers in which they have a natural competitive advantage. YouScience reports are also available to schools to identify the aptitudes and interests of your students.


Individual Coaching

Students receive personalized one-on-one coaching with a trained NaviGo Coach.

In-School Coaching

School staff members are trained as NaviGo Coaches to implement the NaviGo proprietary curriculum – with small cohorts of students during the school day.

NaviGo Scholars

High school students apply to be NaviGo Scholars in career-specific sectors. Students accepted into the program are connected with local business sponsors and experience hands-on learning, networking, soft skills training, and college and career prep.


NaviGo Coaches, in partnership with local college admissions counselors and high school counselors, help graduates who’ve been accepted into college not only make it to the first day, but successfully matriculate. 


NaviGo River Cities Network

Leaders with the six school districts of Bellevue, Dayton, Covington, Erlanger/Elsmere, Ludlow, and Newport — are working deliberately with businesses, Gateway Community and Technical College and the Life Learning Center to create industry-specific training hubs to prepare students for a viable career beyond high school.

NKY College & Career Network

In partnership with the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES) and the Northern Kentucky Chamber, we help connect businesses with schools from the 19 school districts of Northern Kentucky to address workforce readiness and exposure gaps.

MyCareerE3 is a regional platform that directly connects students to business partners. They provide work-based learning opportunities that help students gain real life experience, build resumes, and network in the business world. As the leading management of MyCareerE3, NaviGo is uniquely situated to help your student explore careers in a wide range of industries throughout the community.

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