How Do We Serve Our Local Schools?

Serving 23 school districts and focused on local in-demand sectors, NaviGo’s team works diligently to connect schools and students with local businesses and post-secondary providers for the purpose of WBL experiences.

To best serve each district, we ask that you please submit your request via the button above for any requests you have for the NaviGo team. Please give us a minimum advance notice of 2 weeks (4 weeks for any tour requests). Requests will be granted mainly on Mondays and Wednesdays, and on a first come, first serve basis.

Our Services

NaviGo offers the following services to schools to ensure students are exposed to a wide range of experiences:

  • Soft Skills Workshop
  • Resume & Application Workshop
  • Mock Interview Workshop
  • YouScience Staff Training
  • FAME Presentation
  • Career Fair Business Recruitment
  • Career Fair NaviGo Participation
  • NaviGo Coaching (small group or individual for seniors)
  • Financial Literacy Presentation
  • Business/Industry Tour (4 weeks notice required) & Student Preparation

In-School Coaching Services

NaviGo In-School Coaching Services provides the training and curriculum for school staff  to serve middle and high school students as “NaviGo Coaches” throughout the school year.

In-School Coaching includes relationship building in small groups and allows staff to positively impact students’ post-secondary planning.

Through NaviGo programs for schools, students are coached to develop a strategic plan for life after high school, all while developing a foundation of trust with teachers and counselors who are trained by NaviGo to guide students through our proprietary curriculum. The NaviGo curriculum is purposefully embedded with social and emotional components and seamlessly paired with post-secondary planning, to ensure students approach their future goals with a comprehensive foundation.  NaviGo works in tandem with schools to build upon counselors’ and teachers’ pre-existing relationships with students to help them make better-informed, safe and healthy choices with the understanding of the impact on their futures. Intentionally building deeper relationships with these students about their strengths, interests and passions develops a level of trust that helps the students overcome barriers, understand their resources, and build resiliency.


NaviGo In-School Coaching consists of:

  • Initial training of school staff to serve as NaviGo Coaches throughout the year
  • Ongoing monthly training and support
  • Use of NaviGo proprietary curriculum
  • Support of staff/students/families with newsletters, parent seminar support, etc.
  • Assistance with outreach to businesses, community agencies, and higher education
  • Student surveys and data collection/dissemination with staff to monitor the progress of the coaching sessions.

America has a skills gap – not a talent gap. Local communities have the talent to fill high-demand jobs. YouScience helps to uncover and better direct it.

YouScience is building communities by aligning talent with education and industry. Their aptitude-based talent discovery platform uncovers users’ natural talents and aligns them with their best-fit, high demand pathways and careers. YouScience captures real measures of aptitudes (natural abilities most important to career choices). Highlighting real, actionable talent makes schools and other programs more investable and better partners for local employers.

NaviGo works hard to bring our unique coaching model to the greatest number of students possible. In our In-School Coaching program, school teachers, counselors, and administrators are trained by NaviGo to guide small groups of students through our customized curriculum. Just as in our individual coaching model, students in the classroom are coached to develop a plan for life after high school, all while developing a relationship of trust with in-house, trained NaviGo coaches.

NaviGo works in tandem with schools to build upon counselors’ and teachers’ pre-existing relationships with students. Since many in our schools already have a connection to these students, NaviGo provides added college and career training, as well as specific training in our curriculum, to identified teachers and administrators. Our research-based curriculum is guided by benchmarks in 4 areas of focus:

Interests, Talents, and Passions



Post-Secondary Options

While many tools are available for our coaches to assist students to identify their interests, talents and passions, there aren’t many options to reveal a student’s aptitudes. We are incredibly excited to implement YouScience as a tool to help students tap into their gifts and understand how those gifts can positively impact their post-secondary plans. We believe YouScience is a game-changer for student success by helping bridge the exposure gap and opening doors to careers in which students can excel. YouScience injects hope and empowers students to discover possibilities that are available…and achievable.

The average student-to-school counselor ratio in the United States is 471:1. Quite simply, counselors don’t have enough time in the day to meet the needs of all their assigned students. Together, NaviGo and YouScience can offer ways for school personnel to maximize their time and be most productive with students.

The River Cities School Districts Network addresses educational and economic challenges to ensure all students, regardless of income or circumstance, have post-secondary opportunities that lead to a successful life beyond high school.

In-demand, industry-specific hubs offer dual-enrollment opportunities, soft skills training and work-based learning experiences where students apply academic and technical skills to develop their employability.

Want to Learn More?

Our coaches have years of expertise in guiding students in middle school all the way through college. Learn how NaviGo can help you today!

“NaviGo has provided my students with the tools and structure they need to prepare for their future. They have had the opportunity to explore careers, research colleges, and better understand KEES and other financial aid. One of the most beneficial aspects of NaviGo is that it has provided my students with the chance to connect with professionals in the community who have come to visit our class and regularly correspond through email. I’m excited to see where NaviGo can take our students.”

Kristy Collins

Teacher, Ludlow Schools