What is NaviGo Scholars?

Through NaviGo Scholars, Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky businesses have the power to connect with high school students who have the interest and aptitude for their industry.
Business sponsors in our NaviGo Scholars program have the unique opportunity to hand-pick potential future employees, guiding them and training them at an early age. NaviGo staff recruits students to be part of the program, and students apply at the start of the school year. Sponsors then personally select who they want to be part of their personalized NaviGo Scholars group.

What makes this program unique is the NaviGo Coach.

While students get hands-on experiences during their monthly on-site meetings, a NaviGo coach is also on hand, learning along with the students. The coach also serves as a liason, ensuring the sponsor’s desired soft skills and company culture become part of the experience. Additionally, the NaviGo coach meets separately with the students each month as a follow-up, helping them set up the guideposts to achieve their college and career goals.


Thank you to our 2022-23 NaviGo Scholars Sponsors & Community Partners:

I want to get involved with NaviGo Scholars!

We are excited to offer local businesses the power to connect with students, guide them down a career path, and boost our local workforce.

One of the most exciting and powerful aspects of the NaviGo Scholars Program is the inclusion of a corporate career coach in the model. Having a committed individual who can provide timely, real-world knowledge from a professional perspective adds an invaluable dimension to the NaviGo Scholar’s journey of discovery and decision-making.”

Karen Delaney

NaviGo Coach