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YouScience Town Hall Event

YouScience helps students and job seekers find a meaningful career pathway where they can excel, based on their own strengths. YouScience uses online brain games to match what students do well (aptitudes) and what they like to do (interests) with in-demand careers for...

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River Cities Project Leads to Job Offers for Students

NaviGo’s River Cities Project lead to full time job offers for its 2020 graduates interested in logistics careers. NaviGo teams up with the River Cities school districts to focus on high-need career sectors like IT, healthcare, and logistics. Because of our proximity...

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4 Money Do’s and 3 Don’ts in a Financial Crisis

Here are 4 things to do and 3 things to avoid when you’re in financial crisis. Assess your financial situation. Get a clear picture of what’s actually going on with your money. What are your expenses, income, assets, and debts? Until you know exactly what you’re...

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