Jennie LaMothe

Number of Years Coaching NaviGo: Since March 2018

Having worked in higher education for 17 years, I spent countless hours counseling students who weren’t sure what to major in, or if they should even be attending college. While these students tried to find their way, they were also collecting thousands of dollars of debt. I am passionate about the work we do with middle and high school students so that they may have a more focused and purposeful path after high school graduation. If we can help them discover their aptitudes and how those align with a successful career, they will have a better understanding of themselves and how to reach that goal

I have a BS in Psychology and Sociology from Georgetown College, and a M. Ed from Xavier University. I worked in higher education for 17 years prior to joining the NaviGo team, including NKU and Northwood University, in various roles including advising, teaching, program development and first-generation research and support. Prior to my work in higher education, I facilitated training and development for Talbots and Pottery Barn.