Linda Bates

Number of Years Coaching NaviGo: 5

Professional Background: I have a Bachelors degree in Social Work and has spent my whole career working to help others improve their life circumstances.  Now, I work in the field of health care, addressing the Social Determinants of Health and health disparities. 

Why You Coach: For 10 years I worked at a middle and high school and really enjoyed working with the students.  At one point I was in graduate school to become a School Counselor.  I enjoy working with young adults and helping to empower them to make choices about their futures.  Everyone’s path is a little different and the individuality of it is what makes it so interesting. 

Anything personal you want to share? (family, hobbies, etc.): I am a single mom of three boys, ages 25, 24 and 21.  I absolutely love spending time with them, as well as my other family members and friends.  I love to travel and this year, it seems like I have been a member of the Vacation a Month Club.   I enjoy walking and playing Pickle ball.