Navigating Our Future

Mar 19, 2020

We’ve all watched as our kids have experienced situations we wish we could fix for them – broken bones and fractured relationships, lost games and disappointing grades. I can honestly say nothing prepared me for the potential loss of my son’s senior year. We went from planning prom, spring break, and graduation parties to wondering if he would even step foot back in his high school before graduation. I know I’m not alone. I also know that our teachers and administrators are taking our students’ social-emotional health as seriously as they are taking their academics. They are our regional heroes!

Here at NaviGo, we are working as a team to make sure our students and parents CONTINUE to have what they need to succeed. So on this inaugural NaviGo blog, I’ve come up with a few questions our students may have about navigating college during an unprecedented time, and I’ve reached out to our NaviGo Coaches who also work at local colleges to help.

If my parents are laid off due to coronavirus cancellations, will that affect my financial aid or my tuition payments?

On the surface, no. FAFSA will use tax information from 2018 to calculate the EFC for the 2020-2021 FAFSA.

However, if parents are laid off, students can request a recalculation with the college financial aid office. (The date is typically around July 1st, but check with your college.) They will look at the parents income for half of the year and, if there is a change in circumstances, a re-calculation process is available if the income situation is different now than it was in 2018.

Here’s the form that Gateway Community and Technical College uses so you can see the federal guidelines for what is to be allowable for a recalculation.

 If I still haven’t made a commitment to college, will I get an extension?

That’s really up to each college. We’ve been hearing some are moving the deadlines to June 1, but others may be strict about May 1. Often, colleges considered more elite or selective will adhere to strict deadlines. College admissions counselors and your high school college and career counselors will be great resources.

The “admitted student” activities I was planning to attend were canceled. Will they be rescheduled?

Look for virtual options via your selected college websites. Admissions offices are scrambling right now because this is peak time and they can’t do anything on campuses, so many are offering virtual tours instead.

Students should try to be flexible, go with the flow, and be checking their email more often to ensure communication with your high school and your prospective college. Also, do the work to keep your high school GPA up!